Monday, January 24, 2011

Lists 2010 - Comics

Another record! In 2010 I read 86 comics, compared to 54 and 80 in 2008 and 9 respectively.

Top 3 comics for 2010

1. Chris Ware - Acme Novelty Library #18
Chris Ware takes the first place again! In #18 is part of the ongoing "Building Stories" about the residents of a house. This is an extremely touching story, that reinvents how comics can be made (again).

2. Daniel Clows - Like a Velvet Glove Cast In Iron
This comics is crazy! Good! Surreal and amazing with a heavy nod to David Lynch.

3. Alan Moore & Ian Gibson - The Ballad of Halo Jones
Something about this early comic by Alan Moore just stays with me. It's a concentrated extract of all that makes sci-fi awesome.

Special mention goes to Alison Bechdels "Fun Home" which is also great.

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